In our previous blog, you could already read about how you can become a sustainable traveler. Now, we highlight some best practices. Sustainable projects somewhere in the world, with a success story.

1 The Danpaati project

In the jungle of Surinam, approximately 200 kilometers south of the capital Paramaribo, lies the Danpaati lodge. The villages surrounding the lodge, face a problem. The last couple of years, the young men left the countryside to make money in the big cities. The woman are left behind and have to take care of the children and the elders.Because of this growing problem, a Dutch nurse started the care project. She has trained forty local women to act as village nurse,  

You might think, what has this to do with the lodge? Well, the Danpaati lodge provides funds for the project and works together with the locals from the villages. When you stay in the lodge, you contribute directly to the project! A great feeling for sure!

More info about the Danpaati project: http://danpaati.com/?page_id=623


2  Kayan project

In the north of Thailand, there still are the traditional Kayan villages. You probably know them as the long necks with the golden rings around their neck. The truth about these villages is shocking. The Kayan people are originally from Myanmar, they are fugitives living in Thailand without any freedom.Tourists come to the villages to see the indigenous people and make pictures of them, a little like a zoo, but then with people in it.

The organisation Fair Tourism wanted this inhumane visits to end. They work together with the villagers to give them a purpose again. The villagers show their trade to the visitors and they can join them in workshops about the true life of the Kayan people. This way, the visitors have a great time and the Kayan people can be proud of their culture and feel appreciated.

Want to know which villages you can visit feeling that you do good? http://www.fairtourism.nl/kayan-toerisme-project-2/


3 Kahawa Shamba

On the slopes of mount Kilimanjaro, lies the Kahawa Shamba coffee farm and campsite. You can go on a really fun coffee tour, picking, roasting and brewing your own coffee. Afterwards, you can sleep on the campsite of the farm, with amazing views on the mountain.

The farm and campsite are run by the indigenous chagga tribe, so it’s a real local experience and you also contribute to the wellbeing of the community since the money spend, goes to the community and the local coffee farmers.


4 Nam Ha ecotourism project

The Nam Ha project organizes community-based Eco tours forest trekkings, river trips and village homestays designed to produce economic benefits for local people, protect cultural heritage and raise funds for environmental conservation.

After a while the project started village-based lodges, where only the local community is employed. By training the locals as for example guides who give tours to tourists, they give them an opportunity to get a job elsewhere in the future and learn to preserve nature. This way you can ban the poverty and environmental harm in the nearby villages. A great cause, on which you can contribute and have a great time!

Want to learn more? http://www.namha-npa.org/



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